Good Idea Bulb Decoration neon sign


Marerial:Led neon tube;Acrylic board
Accesorries: Adapter power supply;Controller
Installation: Screws;chains 
Wanrranty:2 year quality warranty upon picture and video provided

The "Good Idea" bulb neon sign is a captivating embodiment of inspiration, capturing the essence of creativity in a luminous display. Crafted with neon tubes of vibrant colors, it radiates a warm, inviting glow that instantly sparks the imagination. Shaped like a classic lightbulb, the sign symbolizes the moment of brilliance that accompanies a truly innovative idea.

Against the backdrop of the night, the sign becomes a beacon of ingenuity, illuminating the surroundings with its radiant brilliance. Its neon hues dance with a playful energy, drawing attention and igniting a sense of curiosity in passersby. Whether adorning the window of a bustling startup office or the wall of a cozy cafe, the "Good Idea" bulb neon sign exudes a sense of possibility and potential, inspiring those who encounter it to think outside the box and embrace their creative instincts.

With its magnetic charm and universal appeal, the "Good Idea" bulb neon sign serves as more than just a piece of decor; it's a symbol of innovation, a reminder that the spark of genius can strike at any moment. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or simply seeking a burst of inspiration, follow the neon glow and prepare to unleash your creativity in ways you never imagined. A world of good ideas awaits, illuminated by the radiant glow of possibility.


Take your neon off the walls with this light up bar sign which is mounted on an acrylic stand.

You can buy it as shown here or choose another color.

Use it as a bar table lamp, prop it on the sidebar, display it in the window - it's perfect for home bars and events.

Safety: Our neon flex LED signs, lights and lamps are shatter resistant, energy efficient, recyclable, UV resistant and conform to CE, RoHS and UL certification.

Customized Neon Signs

All of our neon light signs are custom designed by us, and can be altered to your specifications, size and colors. We can make any neon sign you want, in any fonts and a wide selection of colors.

Adapter Included

Your new LED neon comes with a 4.9 ft transparent cord which plugs into a certified adapter (if you need an adapter for another country, ask when checking out). The adapter has an additional 3-6 ft of cable that plugs into the socket.

Worldwide Shipping

Standard orders take 3-5 weeks*, including production and shipping. 'Rush' orders take 2-3 weeks*, including production and shipping to addresses in the USA. Please choose the 'Rush My Order' option at checkout, and let us know the date by which you need your sign to arrive.

Easy to Install

Our LED Neon signs are mounted on high quality, clear acrylic backboards, stands or boxes. Backboards feature pre-drilled holes for easy wall mounting, and are ready for mounting, right out of the box.

24 Months Warranty

We offer the latest LED neon flex technology which is both stronger & lighter than glass neon tubes. All of our indoor and outdoor signs come with a 24-month manufacturer warranty covering faulty items. Click here for more details.

Remote Control Available

Switch ON/OFF and pick from 10 brightness settings. The LED neon lights can be set to flash with adjustable speeds. (Optional/extra cost on some models)